Greek Synchrotron Users Network – GrSUN

The Workshop ESRF membership: Catalyzing Greek Scientific Excellence is part of the actions of the GrSUN founded in 2022 bringing together all scientists, businesses and potential users of Synchrotron Radiation facilities in order for Greece to become a member of ESRF community. On 29/06/2022 a documented proposal for the National participation of Greece in the ESRF, drawn up by the representatives of the GrSUN network, was officially submitted to the Ministry of Development & Investments, the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs and the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSIK). The extensive 40-page proposal details the benefits of the country’s participation in the ESRF and highlights the added value in the fields of research, education, and industry. In this context, all letters of support for this action were submitted. To date, the effort is endorsed by 31 representatives from 20 academic institutions, 6 scientific organizations, 4 scientific companies, 2 technology parks, 2 museums, 3 industry associations (SEB, SEVBDE, SVSE), 23 industry bodies as well as a significant number of Greeks researchers (to date more than 500). The extensive proposal is a continuation of the summary proposal that we sent to the above bodies on 28/2/2022, as well as other actions which are presented in the link.